Why choose us?

Whether you are a designer, architect or property developer, we will work closely with you from beginning to end of your projects, ensuring that all visuals provided are exactly in line with your requirements.  

When you choose Crafted Cabinetry, you are guaranteed  Italian craftsmanship, design and functionality.  The B2B professionals that we work with appreciate the way that we listen carefully to their design ideas, specific to the end client, aiding them when it comes to choosing the best and most visually appealing materials.  With processes rooted within the concept of superb craftsmanship linked with the latest and most innovative design concepts, our services are flexible and accommodating, enabling us to provide you with products from a single room through to a full-on interior layout. 

What makes us special ?

  • Creation and planning –  we focus on the Design Intent (DI) documents for the end client,  developing these into accurate technical drawings and making adjustments and improvements along the way via our flexible design process.  We are able to resolve technical issues by providing sophisticated solutions.

  • Fully bespoke – furniture will be fully bespoke and made to suit your project.  

  • Styling and sourcing - providing the best quality of materials to suit your budget, we ensure that your products arrive on time and precisely in line with your specifications.  When it comes to choosing the right colours, designs and materials, we are by your side, crafting each item immaculately to bring your design idea to life.

  • Installation service – our team ensure that your furniture is beautifully crafted, finely finished and installed perfectly.

Your one-stop-hub for everything beautifully Italian, our service offering is all-encompassing.  Whether you are in interior designer, architect or property developer located within the North London area, we exist to make your project interiors amazing.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about the services offered by the team at Rocambolesco Design.