The quality of our materials is assured, no matter whether you choose a natural or man-made product.  The other advantage of buying from us is that the materials used on our cabinets can also be used as wall and floor coverings, providing a unified look.  This is a deliberate concept on our part, allowing the mixing together of wood, metals, stone, concrete and paints to produce a design that is both fluid and exquisitely original.

Just a few of our materials

Here are just a few of the materials frequently used by Rocambolesco Design:

  • Decorative Concrete

  • Solid Oak in a variety of finishes - such as Rovere Cotto (Baked Oak), Bricola (Venetian Reclaimed Oak) and Old Oak.

  • Aluminium - such as 8mm material decorated using artistic oxidation

We blend and create

We have the ability to bring out the intrinsic qualities of each material so that it always looks its best.  Whatever type of finish, colour, mix or combination you are looking for – no matter how unusual – we can create it.

Get in touch with the team at Crafted Cabinetry today and open up your designs  to stunning high-quality materials that we are able to layer like no other.